Talent Portal (hereafter referred to as “this Site/Application”)
This Statement was last updated on 03 August 2023
  1. Introduction
    PwC (hereafter referred to as “we”) are strongly committed to protecting your personal information. This Statement relates only to Talent Portal. It does not relate to other technologies, products, services or sites of PwC Network Member Firms or any other party.
    This Statement describes why and how we collect and process your personal information through this Site/Application and provide information about your rights in relation to your personal information. This Statement also applies to personal information (including other individuals’) you provide to us through this Stie/Application.
    We only collect what we need and be transparent about why and how we process personal information. We may use the personal information provided in connection with this Site/Application for any of the purposes described in this Statement or as otherwise stated at the point of collection.
    You are visiting this Site/Application as you are one of the following:
    • Visitor
    • Subscriber/Registered account user
    • Individuals having employment, and/or had a contractual relationship with PwC
    • PwC client’s employees or authorized users
  2. Site/Application Operator
    The PwC firm operating this Site/Application is the entity with primary responsibility for the protection of personal information and for ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws as Site/Application Operator
    Name of Site Operator and contact person are as follows:
    PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP
    11/F PricewaterhouseCoopers Center, 2 Corporate Avenue, 202 Hu Bin Road LuWan District, Shanghai, 200021, PRC
    Contact: Talent Recruitment Team
    If you are not receiving Services from the Site/Application Operator, the PwC firm responsible for delivering services to you or your organisation is the PwC firm providing you access to this Site/Application(where applicable)
  3. Definition
    In this Statement, we use the following terms:
    “This Site/Application” refers to Talent Portal, which includes Event Module, Campus Job Posting Module, Talent Community Module, Referral Module and Online Assessment.
    This Site/Application is hosted in the data centre of Avature (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“Avature”) located in the People's Republic of China. Interview video generated from Online Assessment is separately stored in Amazon cloud.
    “Personal information” or “personal data” refers to various information related to an identified or identifiable natural person recorded electronically or by other means but does not include anonymized information. “Anonymization" refers to irreversible technical process that makes personal information subjects unidentifiable or unassociated.
    "Personal information subjects” refers to natural person identified by or associated with personal information.
    "Personal information processor/Data Controller" refers to an organization or individual that autonomously determines the purposes and means of personal information processing. This is equivalent to the definition of “Data User” under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap, 486) applicable to HKSAR and “Data Controller” under EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other jurisdictions.
    “Processing of personal information” means processing of personal information includes, without limitation, the collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision, disclosure, and deletion of personal information. Processing under GDPR means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, transferring, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.
    “PwC” refer to the list of PwC Member Firms operating in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and Macau SAR responsible for delivering services to you or your organisation and providing you access to this Site/Application.
    • Mainland China
    • Hong Kong SAR
    • Macau SAR
    For a list of other PwC Network Member Firms, please see details at
    Each member firm in the PwC network is a separate legal entity.
    “Sensitive personal information” is personal information that once leaked or illegally used, may easily lead to the infringement of the personal dignity of a natural person or may endanger his personal safety or property, including information such as biometrics, religious belief, specific identity, medical health status, financial accounts, and the person’s whereabouts, as well as the personal information of a minor under the age of 14 years.
  4. Collection of personal information
    We may process your personal information for use of this Site/Application. We may collect your personal information either directly from you or the organization contracted with PwC (e.g., your employer or authorized organization) authorizing you the use of this Site/Application.
    4.1 Categories of personal information collected
    The personal information we collect includes:
    (a) Necessary personal information
    For you to use this Site/Application, you will need to provide us or allow us to collect the following information:
    Basic Business Function and Purpose of Processing Means of Processing Necessary Personal Information
    Below 4 modules are included for recruitment purpose:
    (a) Event Module
    (b) Campus Job Posting Module
    (c) Talent Community Module
    (d) Referral Module
    Collection, recording, organisation, transferring, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.
    • Personal information: (name, gender, date & city of birth, citizenship)
    • Contact details (personal mobile number, personal email address)
    • Education background and achievements: (university or education institution and location, exam/test results, degree classification and major academic qualifications, awards, and other accomplishments)
    • Professional qualification (HKICPA, CICPA, certificate number)
    • Work history and experience (employer name, employment type, and position)
    • Skills, talent, and personal interest (language and proficiency level)
    • Other pre-employment/recruitment related information: (CVs, team profile)
    Note: The data set collected for each event varies, which depends on the specific event need.
    (b) Additional personal information
    In order for you to use or for us to deliver the extended business function(s), the following additional personal information will need to be collected, where appropriate:
    Extended Business Function(s) and Purpose of Processing Means of Processing Additional Personal Information
    Online Assessment: Conduct relevant evaluations on users applying for job opportunities and provide them with appropriate, convenient, and necessary recruitment assistance and support.
    Collection, recording, transferring, storage, adaptation, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, erasure or destruction.
    • Information generated from Online Assessment (application ID, assessment score, assessment tier, interview video)
    Failure to provide us with such additional personal information will not negatively affect your use of the basic business function of this Site/Application.
    By using this Site/Application and providing the above personal information to us, you confirm that you have read this Privacy Statement, and explicitly consent to the processing of personal information by us and any third-party recipients as set out in the Privacy Statement.  We may rely on other legal grounds of processing to the extent permitted under applicable law.
    (c) Sensitive personal information
    Specific Purpose(s) Means of Processing Sensitive personal information
    Assist users in matching suitable job opportunities and provide them with appropriate, convenient, and necessary recruitment assistance and support.
    Collection, recording, transferring, storage, adaptation, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, erasure or destruction.
    • Criminal record
    Provide necessary recruitment assistance to users who have successfully passed the job opportunities
    • Household registered address
    • ID card
    • Passport Number
    • Home address
    • Marital status
    • The membership information Communist Party of China
    We do not collect sensitive personal information through this Site/Application unless such information is required to meet the specific purposes as stated above. Please do not provide any sensitive personal information unless you agree such information is necessary for specific purpose(s).
    For Mainland China: For collection of sensitive persona information from individuals in Mainland China, we need to collect your separate consent to the extent your consent is necessary.
    (d) Personal information of other individuals
    Purpose(s) Means of Processing Personal information of other individuals
    Provide the necessary recruitment assistance  to users who have successfully applied for a job opportunity.
    Note: Only applicable to users who have successfully passed the recruitment process.
    Collection, recording, organisation, transferring, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.
    Emergency contact person and related personal information
    • emergency contact person name, personal phone number
    • relationship between emergency contact person and user
    If you are providing personal information of other individuals, please make sure that:
    (i)the personal information is from a legitimate and lawful source.
    (ii)the other individuals are aware of the categories of personal information and purpose(s) for collecting his/her personal information and all other relevant arrangement described in this Statement relating to the processing of personal information, and that he/she has consented to disclosure of personal information for processing by us.
    We may contact you to inquire and confirm with you in relation to (i) and (ii) above. If you receive such an enquiry from us, please kindly assist and provide us with prompt response. We may have to discontinue your use of this Site/Application if we are unable to obtain the verification needed.
    By providing sensitive personal information, you confirm that you provide your explicitly consent to the processing of sensitive personal information by us and any third-party recipients as set out in the Privacy Statement. 
  5. Use of personal information
    We may use your provided personal information to provide you or your organization with our products or services, to communicate with you, to maintain the security of this Site/Application, and to comply with applicable law. We use your provided personal information only when we have a legal basis to do so, including your prior consent where necessary.
    We may also use the personal information collected above for the following purposes:
    Use of Personal Information directly or reasonably related to the following purposes
    • To provide the services requested by you or your organization
      • Evaluating you for events, open positions throughout the PwC network
    • To provide you or your organization with use of this Site/Application
      • Managing your application(s) for events or employment
      • Evaluating your suitability for employment with PwC (including for example providing your personal information to third parties to conduct background checks);
      • Managing your candidate profile;
    • To communicate with you
      • Sending you email notifications and other announcements, requesting additional information, or otherwise contacting you about your candidacy;
    • To maintain the security of this Site/Application
      • Authenticating the identity of users, authorising access to this Site/Application (including preventing unauthorised access) and for other security-related purposes, including system security monitoring.
    • To operate, administer, manage and improve this Site/Application
    • Administering this Site, troubleshooting issues and identifying areas of improvement.
    • To maintain our administrative or client relationship management systems
      • Where you are a business contact of ours, we may include your business contact details on our administrative or client relationship management systems (which may be located in secure data centres around the world), contact you in relation to the products or services and we may send you other material relevant to your interests (provided we have appropriate permission from you to do this, as required by laws).
    • To analyse how this Site/Application and associated services perform
      • We may analyse how this Site/Application and associated services perform by reviewing the user data we capture.
      • Conducting statistical analyses and reports including for example regarding usage of the site, demographic analyses of candidates, reports on PwC recruitment activities, and analyses of candidate sourcing channels;
    • Should you become an employee of a PwC member firm, any personal information you submit through this Site/Application may be processed in connection with your employment as permitted by applicable laws.
    • Other purposes for which you provided the information to PwC.
    • To enhance our user experience
    • To comply with applicable law and regulation.
  6. Third-party links
    This Site/Application may link to third-party sites which are not controlled by us and which do not operate under our privacy practices. When you access to third-party sites, our privacy practices no longer apply, and the third-party site provider is responsible for the personal information collected from you. We encourage you to review each third-party site's privacy policy before disclosing any personal information.
  7. Our legal grounds for processing personal information
    Applicable laws may require us to set out in this Statement the legal grounds on which we rely in order to process your personal information. In such cases, we rely on one or more of the following processing conditions:
    (i)With your prior consent;
    (ii)It is necessary for us to conclude or preform a contract with you;
    (iii)It is necessary for us to perform the statutory duties or statutory obligations;
    (iv)It is necessary for us to respond to a public health emergency or to protect the life, health and property safety of any individual;
    (v)Such acts as news reporting and supervision by public opinions are carried out for the public interest, and the processing of personal information is within a reasonable scope;
    (vi)It is necessary to process the personal information disclosed by you or other personal information that has been legally disclosed within a reasonable scope in accordance with the laws; and
    (vii)Other circumstances prescribed by laws and administrative regulations.
    The processing of personal information should be subject to your consent in accordance with relevant laws, however, your consent is not required under the circumstances set forth in Items (ii) to (vii) of the preceding paragraph.
  8. Sharing of personal information
    Your personal information may be transferred to, shared with, processed by and stored with other organizations or individuals. In regard of the sharing of your personal information, we will seek your separate consent to the extent required by law.
    We will share your personal information with the following classes of transferees/categories of recipients for the purposes as described in this Statement:
    (a) Recipients of personal information: other PwC Network Member Firms
    We may share your personal information with other PwC Network Member Firms where necessary in connection with the purposes described in this Statement. For example, when providing products or services to a client we may share personal information with PwC Network Member Firms in different territories that are involved in providing products or services to that client.
    (b) Recipients of personal information: third-party providers
    We may share or disclose the personal information we collect to third-party contractors, subcontractors, and/or their subsidiaries and affiliates. Third parties support the PwC Network in providing its products or services and help provide, run and manage IT systems. Examples of third-party contractors we use include providers of identity management, website hosting and management, data analysis, data backup, security and cloud storage services. The servers powering and facilitating our IT infrastructure may be located in secure data centres around the world, and personal information may be stored in any one of them.
    It is our policy to use only third-party providers that are bound to maintain appropriate levels of security and confidentiality and process personal information only as instructed by PwC pursuant to the contract between PwC and such third-party providers. Subject to the foregoing, third party providers may also use their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, and their own third-party subcontractors that have access to personal information (sub-processors) to meet purposes of disclosure and/or transfer.
    (c) Other recipients of personal information
    We may also share your personal information under the following circumstances to the extent permitted under applicable laws:
    • with professional advisers, for example, auditors and law firms, as necessary to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights and obtain advice in connection with the running of our businesses. Personal information may be shared with these advisers as necessary in connection with the products or services they have been engaged to provide;
    • when explicitly requested by you;
    • when required to deliver publications or reference materials requested by you;
    • when PwC is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets (provided the recipient agrees to be bound by the terms of this Statement);
    • with law enforcement or other government and regulatory agencies or with other third parties as required by, and in accordance with, applicable law and regulation; and/or
    • occasionally, we may receive requests from third parties with authority to obtain disclosure of personal information, such as to check that we are complying with applicable laws and regulations, to investigate an alleged crime or to establish, exercise or defend legal rights. We will only fulfil requests for personal information where we are permitted to do so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This includes disclosures outside the country or region where you are located.
  9. International transfers of personal information
    As PwC is a global network with member firms and third-party service providers located around the world, your personal information may be transmitted and/or stored outside the country or region where you are located when we (as a PwC Network Member Firm) provide products or services to you. PwC Network Member Firms, our service providers or sub-processors they engage may use servers and other resources in various countries and territories to process your information.
    Since we provide products or services through resources and servers all over the world, this means that after obtaining your separate authorized consent, your personal information may be transferred outside of the country where you use the Site/Application to the extent permitted by laws.
    For personal information collected from Mainland China:
    In principle, the personal information we collect and generate in Mainland China will be stored within the Mainland China. With your consent, your personal information and information provided by you might be transmitted to or accessed from a jurisdiction outside of the country/region where you are located. Under such circumstances, we will ensure that such personal information will enjoy the same level of protection as it does in Mainland China.
    Where we are the personal information processor, we will satisfy the applicable condition(s) for cross border transfer (if any) required by applicable law.
    We will enter contract or other legally effective documents with the recipients of personal information or implement other measures as required by laws of the People’s Republic of China to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected. For example, we will ask for your separate consent to transfer personal information across borders, implement appropriate security measures for cross-border data transfer, conduct personal information protection impact assessment and/or obtain the approval of competent authorities
    For personal information collected from European Economic Area (EEA) only:
    Where we collect your personal information within the European Economic Area, transfer outside the European Economic Area will be only:
    • to a recipient located in a country or region which provides an adequate level of protection for your personal information; and/or
    • under an agreement which satisfies EU requirements for the transfer of personal information to data processors or data controllers outside the EEA, such as standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.
  10. Security of personal information
    We adhere to internationally recognised standards of technology and operational security to protect personal information from loss, misuse, alteration and destruction. Only authorised persons are provided access to personal information collected via this Site/Application. These individuals have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information. We have a framework of policies and procedures in place covering data protection, confidentiality and security and regularly review the appropriateness of the measures we have in place to keep the personal information we hold secure.
    Although we use appropriate security measures once we have received your personal information, the transmission of personal information over the Internet (including by email) is never completely secure. We endeavor to protect personal information, but we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted electronically over the Internet.
    Where a personal information security incident arises, we shall respond to the incident, assess the likely impact of the incident, and take necessary actions to bring the incident under control. Where necessary, we will report to the appropriate authority and notify you of the incident as may be required under applicable laws and regulations.
  11. Cookies
    When you use this Site/Application, we may collect information about you and your use of the relevant Site/Application, including through cookies and analytics tools. Cookies may be placed on your computer or device whenever you visit the Site/Application. Cookies are small text placed on your device that assist us in providing a more customised experience by analysing your use of this Site/Application.
    If you are concerned about cookies, most browsers permit individuals to decline cookies. In most cases, you can refuse cookies, however some functionality may be impaired.
    You can always delete cookies if you wish via your browser’s/application setting.
    Below are information for cookies used in this Portal:
    Essential cookies
    Types of cookies Usage For how long are cookies stored?
    Session cookie (ScustomPortal-{portalUrlPath}):
    used to keep user logged through privated portal areas.
    Until you close your browser
    Language cookie (portalLanguage-{portalId}):
    used to store current language selected by user in the portal.
    Until you close your browser
    Token field for CSRF (tokenField):
    Used for CSRF protection (only for logged users).
    1 hour
    Cookie consent preferences (userCookieConsent-{portalUrlPath}):
    used to store the cookie types allowed/declined by the users in portals with the cookie management feature enabled, so they don't have to renew their consent on every page view/visit.
    do not expire
    Purpose of using such cookies:
    They enable users to move around the portal and use its features, such as accessing secure areas, allowing multiple applications without re-entering information, or using connections to social networks to apply.
  12. Retention of personal information
    It is our policy not to retain personal information longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which the information is to be used. We will retain personal information on our systems for as long as we need it, given the purposes for which it was collected, or as required to do so by applicable laws. Personal information may be held for longer periods where extended retention is agreed or are required by laws, regulations or professional standards and to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights. If the period necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which the information is to be used, agreed retention period, or legal retention period expires, we will erase the relevant personal information according to applicable law; if it is difficult to erase personal information technically, we will cease the processing of personal information other than storing and taking necessary security protection measures for such information.
  13. Children
    We are committed to protecting children’s privacy. This Site/Application is not intentionally designed for or directed at children (i.e., minor under age of 14; “children” refers to the same group hereinafter), and we do not knowingly collect or store personal information about children. In the case of collecting personal information of a children in Mainland China, we will only use or publicly disclose such information if we have obtained explicit consent of their parent or guardian. We will protect the confidentiality and security of their personal information in accordance with relevant applicable laws and regulations.
  14. Your rights in relation to your personal information
    You may have certain rights under applicable laws and regulations in relation to the personal information we hold about you, including:
    • Right to know and the right to decide on the processing of your personal information
    • Right to restrict or refuse the processing of your personal information by others (except as otherwise provided by any law or administrative regulation)
    • Right to access your personal information
      • You have the right to consult and duplicate the relevant personal information from us and request us to provide to you:
    (i)a description of the type of personal information we hold about you, including a general account of its use;
    (ii)the source of the above-mentioned personal information, as well as the purpose for which it is used;
    (iii)what personal information has been made available to third parties, and the relevant information on agreements reached with third parties; and
    (iv)you may also request a copy of certain categories of personal information
    • Right to data portability
      • Where you request the transfer of your personal information which we have obtained to your designated personal information processor, we or third parties instructed by us would provide channels for such transfer if the conditions specified by the national cyberspace administration are met.
    • Right not to subject automated decision making
      • Where a decision that has a major impact on your rights and interests is made by means of automated decision-making (if any), you have the right to request us to make explanations and to refuse to accept that we make decisions solely by means of automated decision-making.
    • Right to request personal information processors to explain their personal information processing rules
    • Right to request deletion of your personal information
    Your right to request us to erase your personal information if:
    (i)the processing purpose has been achieved or cannot be achieved, or it is no longer necessary to achieve the processing purpose;
    (ii)the retention period described in Section 12 of this Statement has expired;
    (iii)you withdraw consent; or
    (iv)we collect or process personal information in violation of any law or administrative regulation or the agreement.
    In such circumstances, if we receive your request to delete your personal information, we will also notify third parties whom we have transferred your personal information to delete personal information they hold about you. However, where the retention period provided by any law or administrative regulation has not expired, or it is difficult to realize the deletion of personal information technically, we would just cease the processing of personal information other than storing and taking necessary security protection measures for such information.
    • Right to update/correct your personal information which is inaccurate or incomplete
    Under certain circumstances permitted by applicable laws and regulations, we may refuse to accede to your requests above. In such circumstances, we will promptly notify you of the reasons for refusing to accede to your requests. We may charge a fee for your request to access your information, if permitted by applicable laws and regulations.
    For security purposes, you may be required to provide written requests or prove your identification in other ways.
    When requested, and provided that it is practical and commercially feasible to comply with the request, we will respond to your request after we have verified your identity:
    • within 15 working days for personal information collected from Mainland China; or
    • such a time frame as prescribed under other applicable laws.
    For personal information collected from European Economic Area (EEA) only:
    If you are an individual based in the EEA and GDPR is applicable to PwC, you may be entitled to additional rights.
  15. Deactivation of your account
    Users of this Site/Application may request their account be deactivated at any time by sending their request to Talent Recruitment Team: We will respond to your request within the time required under applicable laws.
  16. Our Contacts
    If you wish to submit a request to exercise your rights, under applicable privacy law, or have questions about how your information is handled at any time, or to make complaints, please send your request to our Privacy Team
    Should you have any concerns with any matter in respect of this Statement, you may also approach members of the PwC team who is providing you or your organization with access to this Site/Application to discuss.
    Any unresolved dispute arising from or in connection with this Statement shall be resolved in accordance with the agreement (if applicable) between you/your organization and the PwC firm responsible for providing you with access to this Site/Application.
  17. Transfer of business
    We reserve the right to transfer all data in its possession to a successor-in-interest to its business or assets in accordance with applicable law and regulation.
  18. Changes to this Statement
    We may update this Statement from time to time to comply with applicable laws and regulations or other legitimate purposes. We may also separately advise you about the changes. Subject to obtaining your explicit consent as may be required by applicable laws, the new modified Privacy Statement will apply from that revision date. Therefore, we encourage you to review this Statement periodically to be informed about how we are protecting your information.


  1. 引言
    普华永道(以下简称 “我们” )坚决致力于保护您的个人信息。本声明仅针对人才门户网站。本声明与普华永道网络成员机构或任何其他方的其他技术、产品、服务或网站无关。
    • 访客
    • 订阅用户/注册用户
    • 普华永道雇员或与普华永道有合同关系的个人
    • 普华永道客户的雇员或经授权的用户
  2. 网站/应用程序运营商
  3. 定义
    “本网站/应用程序” 是指人才门户网站,包括招聘活动列表页面、校园招聘工作机会页面、人才社区页面、人才推介页面和在线测评。
    “个人信息”“个人数据” 是指以电子或其它方式记录的与已识别或可识别的自然人有关的各种信息,但不包括匿名化信息。“匿名化”是指使个人信息主体无法被识别或被关联的不可逆技术过程。
    “个人信息主体” 是指通过个人信息识别或与个人信息相关联的自然人。
    “个人信息处理者” 是指自主决定个人信息处理目的和方式的组织或个人。其等同于适用于香港特别行政区的《个人资料(私隐)条例》(第 486 章)下的“资料使用者”的定义,以及欧盟《通用数据保护条例》(“GDPR”)下和其他同法管辖区的“数据控制者”的定义。
    “个人信息处理者/数据控制者” 是指对个人信息的处理,包括但不限于个人信息的收集、存储、使用、处理、传输、提供、披露和删除。
    “普华永道” 是指以下在中国内地、香港特别行政区和澳门特别行政区运营的、负责向您或您的组织提供服务并让您访问本网站/应用程序的普华永道网络成员机构。
    • 中国内地
    • 香港特别行政区
    • 澳门特别行政区
    “敏感个人信息” 是指一旦泄露或被非法使用,可能容易导致自然人人格尊严受到侵犯或可能危及其人身安全或财产安全的个人信息,包括生物特征、宗教信仰、特定身份、医疗健康状况、财务账户、个人行踪,以及未满14周岁未成年人的个人信息。
  4. 个人信息的收集
    4.1 收集个人信息的类别
    (a) 必要的个人信息
    基本业务功能及处理目的 处理方式 必要个人信息
    (a) 活动列表页面
    (b) 校园招聘工作机会页面
    (c) 人才社区页面
    (d) 人才推介页面
    • 个人信息 (姓名,性别,出生日期,出生城市,居民身份)
    • 联系方式(个人手机号码,个人电子邮箱地址)
    • 教育背景和成就(毕业院校及其所在地,考试成绩,学位,专业,学历,获奖情况,以及其他个人成就)
    • 专业资格(香港注册会计师,中国注册会计师,以及证书编号)
    • 工作经历(雇主名称,受雇类型,职位)
    • 个人技能、兴趣 (语言及其水平)
    • 其他的雇佣前或招聘相关信息(简历,团队简介)
    (b) 额外个人信息
    扩展业务功能及处理目的 处理方式 额外个人信息
    • 因在线测评产生的信息(申请编号、评估分数值、评估等级、面试视频)
    通过使用本网站/应用程序并向我们提供上述个人信息,您确认您已阅读本隐私声明,并明确同意我们和隐私声明中规定的任何第三方接收者处理个人信息。 在适用法律允许的范围内,我们可能会依赖其他法律依据进行处理。
    (c) 敏感个人信息
    特定目的 方式 敏感个人信息
    • 犯罪记录
    • 户籍地址
    • 身份证
    • 护照
    • 家庭住址
    • 婚姻状态
    • 党员信息
    (d) 其他个人的个人信息
    目的 处理方式 其他个人的个人信息
    • 紧急联系人姓名,个人手机号码
    • 紧急联系人与用户的关系
    我们可能会就上述 (i) 和 (ii) 与您联系,向您咨询和确认。如果您收到我们的此类询问,请协助并及时回复我们。如果我们无法获得所需的验证,我们可能不得不停止您使用本网站/应用程序。
  5. 个人信息的使用
    • 提供您或您的组织要求的服务
      • 根据普华永道活动要求管理您的活动申请
    • 为您或您的组织提供对本网站/应用程序的使用
      • 管理您的职业申请;
      • 评估您是否适合在普华永道工作(包括向第三方提供您的个人信息以进行背景调查);
      • 管理您的候选人档案;
    • 与您交流
      • 发送电子邮件通知和其他公告以向您请求其他信息,或者以其他方式就您的候选人资格进行联系;
    • 为了维持本网站/应用程序的安全性
      • 验证用户的身份,授予本网站/应用程序的访问权(包括防止未经授权的访问)以及系统监控等其它安全相关目的。
    • 为了运行、管理和改进本网站/应用程序
    • 管理本网站/应用程序,解决问题和识别可改进的方面
    • 为了维持我们的行政或客户关系管理系统
      • 如果您是我们的业务联络人,我们将在行政或客户关系管理系统(可能位于世界各地的安全数据中心)中加入您的公司联系方式,因与产品和服务相关的问题联络您,并可能向您寄送您感兴趣的其它材料(前提是我们已按法律要求获得您的相应许可)。
    • 为了分析网站/应用程序及相关服务的表现方式
      • 我们可能通过回顾我们捕捉到的用户信息,对网站/应用程序和相关服务的表现方式进行分析。
      • 进行统计分析和报告,包括例如本网站的使用情况、有关于候选人的人口统计分析、普华永道招聘活动报告、候选人来源渠道分析等;
    • 如果您成为普华永道公司的员工,您通过本网站/应用程序提交的任何个人信息可能在适用法律允许的情况下,用于您工作相关的情况处理;
    • 您向普华永道提供这些信息的其他用途
    • 增强用户体验
    • 遵守适用的法律法规
  6. 第三方链接
  7. 我们处理个人数据的法律依据
    (vi)需要在依法处理的合理范围内对您披露的个人信息或其他已合法披露的个人信息进行处理; 和
  8. 共享个人信息
    (a) 个人信息的接收方:其他普华永道网络成员机构
    (b) 个人信息的接收方:第三方服务提供商
    (c) 个人信息的其他接收方
    • 向确立、行使或维护我们的合法权利以及就我们开展业务取得建议所需的专业咨询商共享个人信息,例如,会计师事务所和律师事务所。如果此类咨询商受聘提供相关服务,则在必要时,可与此类咨询商共享个人信息。
    • 当您明确要求时;
    • 应您要求发送出版物或参考资料时;
    • 普华永道发生收购、合并,或出售其全部或部分资产或业务时(前提是接收方同意遵守本声明的条款);
    • 普华永道发生收购、合并,或出售其全部或部分资产或业务时(前提是接收方同意遵守本声明的条款);
    • 有时,我们可能收到有权第三方获得个人信息披露的要求,比如,为了查验我们是否遵循适用法律法规,调查犯罪指控,或确立、行使或维护合法权利。仅当适用法律法规允许时,我们才会满足此类机构对个人信息的要求。这包括在您所在地区以外的国家或地区进行披露。
  9. 个人信息的国际传输
    • 接收方位于具有足够个人信息保护水平的国家或地区;及/或
    • 信息转移协议满足欧盟关于个人信息转移至EEA以外的数据处理者或数据控制者的要求,比如欧洲委员会批准的标准合同条款。
  10. 个人信息安全
  11. Cookies
    当您使用本网站/应用程序时,我们可能会收集有关您和您使用相关网站/应用程序的信息,包括通过 cookie 和分析工具。每次您访问本网站/应用程序时,cookies便可能储存在您的电脑或设备内。Cookies是载于您的设备上的小型文字档案,有助我们通过分析您对本网站/应用程序的使用情况而提供更个人化的体验。
    Cookie的类型 用法 Cookie会存储多长时间
    Session cookie (ScustomPortal-{portalUrlPath}):
    Language cookie (portalLanguage-{portalId}):
    Token field for CSRF (tokenField):
    1 小时
    Cookie consent preferences (userCookieConsent-{portalUrlPath}):
  12. 个人信息的留存
  13. 儿童
  14. 您对个人信息的权利
    • 知情权和决定对其个人信息处理的权利
    • 限制或拒绝他人处理其个人信息的权利(法律、行政法规另有规定的除外)
    • 访问您的个人信息的权利
      • 您有权向我们咨询和复制其个人信息,并要求我们向您提供如下:
    • 数据可迁移的权利
      • 您要求将我们获取的您的个人信息转移给您指定的个人信息处理者的,在符合国家网信部门规定条件的情况下,我们或我们委托的第三方将提供转移渠道。
    • 不受自动化决策影响的权利
      • 以自动化决策(如有)的方式作出对您权益产生重大影响的决定的,您有权要求我们作出解释,并拒绝接受我们仅通过自动决策方式作出的决定。
    • 要求个人信息处理者解释其个人信息处理规则的权利
    • 要求删除个人信息的权利
    (ii)本声明第 12 条所述的保留期限已届满;
    (iii)您撤回同意; 或者
    • 更新/更正不准确或不完整的个人信息的权利
    在适用法律法规允许的某些情况下,我们可能会拒绝接受您的上述请求。 在这种情况下,我们会及时通知您拒绝接受您的请求的原因。如果适用的法律和法规允许,我们可能会就您访问您的信息的请求收取一定的费用。
    • 对于在中国内地收集的个人信息,在15个工作日内回应您的请求;或
    • 其他适用法律规定的时间范围。
  15. 注销您的账户
    本网站/应用程序的用户可向人才招聘团队 发出请求,随时要求注销账户。我们将在适用法律规定的期限内回应您的请求。
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  17. 业务转让
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